Also known as "unrestricted units." For the most part, there is one to four bedroom condominium units generally found in the Village North and on Blackcomb Benchlands. Many of the properties are "townhouse style," meaning you have your own front door as opposed to sharing a common entrance. There are no restrictions on the owner usage, but organized rental programs are available for those times when the owner is not using the unit. With the Phase 1 units, owners also have the option to do their own rental. This is the most flexible option for owner usage. If the unit is in a rental program the owners need to give the appropriate notice as per their contract for usage.

Phase I properties include the following Village properties as well as most of the Blackcomb Benchlands and Whistler Creek locations: Hearthstone Lodge, Whistler Town Plaza (which includes Deer, Eagle and Bear Lodge's), Tyndall Stone Lodge, Market Place Lodge, Market Pavillion, Stoney Creek (which includes, Sunpath, Lagoons and Northstar), Northern Lights, Valhalla, Symphony, Glaciers Reach, Granite Court and Phase II of Montebello.

Also known as "restricted units." These are studio and one to four bedroom apartment condominiums incorporated into an ongoing hotel operation. The owner's number of days in the winter and in the summer is restricted to 28 days per season. These reservations are prebooked on a 6-12 month calendar with some flexibility for shorter notice bookings depending on the hotel occupancy. There is some variety among the different hotels. Benefits include revenue, various hotel services and amenities. This type of unit is best suited to the occasional visitor to Whistler or for the investor interested in revenue only.

Phase II properties in the Village include the following as well as the only phase 2 on Blackcomb Benchlands, Blackcomb Springs, (also known as the Marriott) Westin, Pan Pacific, Fireplace Inn, Blackcomb Lodge, Crystal Lodge, Whistler Village Inn and Suites, Timberline Lodge, Carlton Lodge, Delta Village Inn and Suites, Cascades Lodge, Pinnacle International and the Alpenglow.


These are the newest concept to Whistler. These units have up to four owners on title, each allowed 1-week per month. If you do not use your suite it is rented out as a phase 1 through the front desk management services. A great way to own a larger unit for a much lesser price if you do not need unlimited accesses.

Our quarter share projects include Horstman House on the Benchlands, Montebello Phase 2 in the Village and the Legends and Evolution at Whistler Creek.

There are certain Strata complexes, which have no restrictive covenants, registered on title, and therefore they are free of any obligations or restrictions with respect to the renting of their units.

Most of complexes in all other area are mainly zoned for residential and they are not permitted to rent out nightly. However they are always permitted to rent out long term, (30 days and longer)